An Oklahoma native now residing in Los Angeles, CA. Nestingzone is the brain child of Izza Wei-Haas, since she could remember, she has always been inspired by nature and oddities. Everything from The Studio (original drawings, prints, and home goods) to The Apothecary carries this thread and celebrates the beauty of flora and fauna.

Izza attended the School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Tufts University before moving to Chicago then Los Angeles. She became a freelance illustrator in 2012. Since then she has created artwork and various merchandise for a variety of clients and industries.

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a. The THE STUDIO is a container // shelter for past, present, and future creations.
b. A store to add interest and oddities into your home.

In The Studio, Izza uses graphite and ink to create highly detailed drawings that blend hints of dreamscape with images from the natural world.

The studio seeks to highlight our deep connection to nature through the use of intricate mark-making and illustrations of flora and fauna.


The NESTINGZONE APOTHECARY represents the place where art meets alchemy. It is the place where Izza transforms natural resources around us into something not only beautiful but nourishing. In The Apothecary, Nestingzone uses plant powered ingredients to create uniquely nourishing skincare that is as bold as you are.

In The Apothecary, she uses plant powered ingredients to create uniquely nourishing skincare that is as bold as you are.


Nestingzone is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand based in Los Angeles, California. All products are crafted to highlight nature's abundance, from the soaps to skincare, everything is handcrafted in small batches. Our soaps are created with pure oils producing unique marbleized designs that soothe and cleanse skin. While our all natural plant-powered skincare products gently and effectively detoxify, tone, and balance skin. We are dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients to elevate your self-care ritual into an everyday luxury. 

Nestingzone Apothecary