Nestingzone goods are created with the goal of bringing positivity and beauty into the world. In every piece of artwork you will find a unique celebration of flora and fauna. 

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The studio

The beauty of handmade items is the attention to detail in every single work of art. When you purchase an original drawing, print, or home good you will be bringing a unique style and fresh inspiration into your home.

Commissioned Artwork

Nestingzone clients love the bold and modern aesthetic of Nestingzone illustrations. Each drawing celebrates the beauty of flora and fauna for your home or body.

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The Apothecary

Nestingzone thoughtfully crafts each product using only the highest quality ingredients to elevate your self-care ritual. We hand design all aspects of the product, from beginning conceptualizing, to scent profiles, to the final packaging design.

We believe in making each individual piece with you in mind.

All products are handcrafted in small batches to highlight nature's abundance.

  • Our soaps are created with pure oils producing unique marbleized designs that soothe and cleanse skin.

  • Our all natural plant-powered skincare products effectively detoxify, tone, and balance you skin. 

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Our ECO-FRIENDLY Packaging

At Nestingzone, we hand craft our products with love and the highest quality materials available. From soap boxes to labels, all apothecary product packaging is designed in house. We believe in leaving a small carbon footprint by minimizing waste through use of recyclable materials, re-using cardboard boxes and packaging materials from shipments.

Packaged with care, all of our products arrive in recyclable packaging along with a hand written thank you note.

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