Our Team

Are you interested in a commission from Nestingzone? I love working with clients to create artwork especially for you! 

Here’s what I love to do: Anything with similar themes to what I already create. Maybe you want a unique flower, nature scene, tattoo, or maybe you would like a poster using one of my past illustrations with a specific quote. I am more than happy to create something that would seamlessly fit alongside the work that is already in my portfolio. 

The Process:

It all begins with an email! Please get in touch at hello@nestingzone.com with the commission type you are interested in as well as the size. From there, we’ll chat and determine the turnaround/wait time depending on my commission queue. 

I am all about collaboration, trust, and communication. I work with you based on your input and inspiration. I combine the elements you give me and if the piece is in color, we will work on a color pallet for me to work from. 

Once we lock in your commission, you’ll put down the 30% non-refundable deposit to keep your place in line. There will be a simple contact to protect both our interests and expectations. 

When your commission begins, I’ll be in touch for the next 30% deposit, and then your process will begin. The turn around time for your piece is 2-4 weeks depending on the scope of your project.

All private commission require a 30% non-non-refundable deposit to claim your place in my commission queue. The next 30% will be due when it is time to begin your commissioned artwork, with the final 40% due upon completion along with any shipping cost.

Pieces are created digitally then printed with archival ink or traditionally with pen, ink, and illustration paint on paper depending on they type of commission you are looking for. 

Once your piece is completed, your commission will be carefully packed and shipped via USPS Priority Mail with insurance and signature required upon delivery.

Types of Commissions : Here are a few of the most common types I accept



I am usually open to tattoo commissions so long as it is nature themed. If you are looking for a specific flower arrangement or animal with natural elements around it I am down. Tattoo designs are unique for me since. I am not a tattoo artist. I highly recommend that before you ask for a commission from me, you search out a tattoo artist that compliments what you would like and my style. I can not guarantee that what I create for you is “tattooable” or that your artist will create my design exactly onto your body. As always I am always honored to have my work tattooed and will work with you to create a piece that is beautiful. 

My tattoo commissions are simplified version of my style with detail kept to a minimum so that the piece can be recreated by your artist. 

Animal / Pet Commission

Highlighting animals is one of my favorite things to draw. If you have a favorite animal or pet that you would like commissioned I am here for it. High resolution images of your pet is required so I can capture there likeness. If you are commissioning lets say a “wolf” I would like to know which species / type you would like. A mood board via Pinterest works great for this. You can include artwork, photography, colors, mood, vibe, or any elements you would like for the commission is greatly appreciated.

The best way to go about this is to have pictures of the flowers you want or a list of them. Even better yet, a mood board via Pinterest is wonderful. That way you can compile a variety of flowers and angles for me to work from. 

Bouquet / Flower Arrangement

I love combining different types of flowers into a composition. Maybe you have a list of different flowers you love or maybe you have a bouquet that holds a special place in your heart and would like to cherish it forever. I love expanding my “Memento Flora” collection and create a piece just for you. 

Single Flower

If you have a specific flower in mind and would like a commission based off that flower (i.e. rose, protea, sunflower, etc.) I really enjoy creating compositions based off a single flower.

Apparel / Product / Licensed

For licensed based commissions, I’ve created work for skincare, candles, t-shirts, posters and more. If I can create artwork for your project, I would love to chat. My private commission rates do not apply to these commissions, so please contact me and we can go through the scope of your project. 

Other Types of Commission

If I haven’t listed something you are particularly looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear what you are looking to commission and take on your project if possible.