7 tips for Blog Post Writing


I’m keeping it fresh and easy for you. Writing blog posts can be daunting task. You not only have to think of the content you are creating but you also want your post to be SEO friendly.

Well here is my short list of 7 key elements to writing a Blog Post.


  1. Headline / Intro Paragraph

    • What is your post about? Write an eye catching title that is on topic and summaries what your blog post is about. From there, write a short paragraph introducing your topic.

  2. Keywords

    • Create a short list of keywords. Use these Keywords as punch words for your article. They should accurately represent the topic and somewhat popular. This will help with your SEO ranking and make your article more searchable.

    • Learn more about Keywords and their importance here.

  3. Word Count

    • Write at least 300 words. This is usually the best practice. Writing over 300 words shows search engines that this maybe a good resource.

    • Use the active voice. You never know when someone will be reading your blog post so keep things in the active voice to make your article feel relevant regardless of when it’s read.

    • When writing, keep things as simple as possible. Don’t be too complex with your sentence structure unless your blog leans towards the academic side.

  4. Use those Headers

    • Break up your blog post but using your different header formats. Highlighting important content and making your articles skimmable with headers, bold or italicized words creates flow and draws the readers eye to specific points you are trying to make.

  5. Graphics

    • If you are finding that your post is text heavy, adding graphics to break up your content and give breathing room is great.

    • When it comes to graphics, making sure they are the correct size is key. If they are too large, they will slow down the site load speed. If they are too small, they could distract from your content.

    • Remember to name your photos! Using your keywords or blog post title in the image film name will improve your Blog Post SEO. Learn more about graphics and their importance here.

    • If you are having trouble finding graphics, check out my top 5 stock image websites.

  6. End with a Call to Action

    • It’s always good practice to have some sort of reader call to action. Encouraging them to leave a comment on your post or sharing your post is a good place to start.

  7. Add an Excerpt

    1. Now that you’ve written your blog post, summaries your post in a few descriptive sentences and add it to the excerpt of your post.


That’s it, my 7 tips to writing a SEO friendly blog post!

What are some tips I might have not mentioned, I’d love to hear about your blog post tips.