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Here is a small selection

of my recent website design projects. I love working closely with my design clients to create the perfect website to represent their project. Occasionally my past client’s sites will evolve as they grow. Therefore I cannot guarantee their current website will be a reflection of my work or design choices. So make sure to see either created by Nestingzone or Wei-Haas Creative in the footer.

If you’d like to discuss a project you have planned, please feel free to contact Wei-Haas Creative .


websites designed by nestingzone

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+ nestingzone

The site that started it all!

Everything you see on the Nestingzone site is custom. It shows off all my creative practices - logo design, website design, custom logo work, graphic design, to product creation.

If you are looking for a full custom package, here is a great example of how far I can go.

Jonah Wei-Haas.jpg

+ jonah wei-haas

Jonah Wei-Haas is a professional pianist/keyboardist and music producer with 11+ Million views on YouTube and over 100,000 subscribers.

For this project I developed a complete brand identity package. From creating a custom font to featuring different aspects of Jonah's multidisciplinary music pratice. His new website merges all these various practices cohesively.


Kathryn Last.jpg

+ kathryn last

Peterborough and Toronto based artist Kathryn Last is a visual artist with a focus on painting. Her artistic process explores the intersection of creation and the expressivity of material.

I helped Kathryn update her online presence with a new website on the Squarespace platform that beautiful displays her abstract paintings, journal (blog) entires, and current exhibitions.


California Winemasters.jpg

+ ca winemasters

California Winemasters is an extraordinary event held in Los Angeles, CA showcasing 50 international chefs and 75 of California's Finest Wineries. "Winemasters" has raised more than $33 million in support of the mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

I fully develope a new website and updated California Winemasters brand identity using the Squarespace platform. From new font selections to accent colors to compliment their event, I created a modern aesthic to showcase their amazing organization. This site was an amazing opportunity to use my design eye to reoganize their content rich information in a user friendly and pleasing manner



+ pause studio

Pause is an experiential wellness studio created to facilitate mental regeneration and physical recovery located in Los Angeles,CA. With relaxation, regeneration and holistic healing at the core of a Pause Studio's complete regenerative experience, this studio's featured treatments are floation and infrared sauna therapy.

For Pause studio, we went with a re-design package to update their existing website content. This consisted of better showcasing their different spa treatments so merge pricing packages and education information about each treatment.



+ cpgh

The Centre for the Promotion of Global Health is a Montreal based initiative with a vision of improving the conditions affecting the health of children and families on a global scale. CPGH is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to forming alliances with other passionate people and organizations committed to climate action.

I worked to help the nonprofit re-design their website to better communicate their cause and fit it with a new updated, modern and youthful aesthetic.


Advice To Writers.jpg

+ advice to writers

Advice To Writers was created in 2009 by author Jon Winokur. Since launching his website, Jon has published an inspiring quote every day in addition to an exclusive writer interview every week. There are also links to writing resources and recommended books on the art and craft of writing.

This was a feat in itself. Since creating the website, Jon had published a quote a day over the course of the last 10 years by the time I took on the project. With successfully moving thousands of posts from his previous site to the new Squarespace platform, I built a brand new site that complimented his previous aesthic but making it more user friendly and timeless.

Visit advicetowriters

Lawrence Talks.jpg

+ lawrence talks

Lawrence Talks! is a Podcast and interdisciplinary initiative based in Lawrence, KS. Their primary goal to make the research and insights of academics of varying backgrounds, interests, and experience accessible to the public.

For this project, Lawrence Talks wanted a website that merged their podcast content as well as supporting text via a stylized blog. This project comprised of a new editorial website build on the Squarespace platform.


Paradise Shores 4.jpg

+ paradise shores 4

Paradise Shores 4 is aresort located in Holcombe, WI. They are an independent hotel resort of 42 hotel rooms, private event space, resturant/bar/lounge with outdoor activities. Most importantly, they strive to be a place to make your home-away-from-home.

I worked with Paradise Shores 4 to take content from another website platform and modernize their initial concept providing a competitive website that would give them an edge on their competition and help them present themselves as as independant hotel resort destination.

Visit paradiseshores4