Fire Sign Collection

Fire Sign Collection


Conjuring the divine with our Fire Sign Collection

A gift box that includes the 3 fire sign soaps from our Zodiac Collection. You will get 1 of each soaps. The entire set will arrive with each bar individually wrapped inside.

Fire Starter (Aries): Plum - Clove - Sandalwood
A balanced and sexy blend of plum, clove, and sandalwood. This soap is intended to reconnect you with your intuitive spirit.

Solar Flare (Leo): Yuzu + Peach
A zesty and fruity blend of yuzu and peach. This soap is crafted with the intention to reignite your passions.

Midnight Spell (Sagittarius): Patchouli - Tobacco - Vanilla
A sensual mix of patchouli, tobacco and vanilla. This soap is intended to expand your awareness of self and help you realign with what makes you feel sexy.

*Photo is a stock photo of one of our batches. Slight variations may occur between batches but overall design is the same.*

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Sorbitol, Sodium Cocoate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Water, Glycerin, mica, titanium dioxide, activated charcoal.