What Up Nesters?!


Hello, hello, lovely ladies and gentle giants!

I am more than excited to welcome you to this special place I call NESTINGZONE!

Yes, I know that my handle name for everything is @nestingzone. But something hit me right between the eyes and made me realize that I want NESTINGZONE to be a space for everyone—not just myself. 

I want this place to become a collaborative space for all creatives to show and share their odd passions and the things that keep them pumping. I don't know exactly what this beast will blossom into, but I hope it’s gonna be one badass beast—especially because all of you are involved. (^.^)

So, lets start off with the basics and begin to figure out what the hell NESTINGZONE is. I attempted to wrap my head around it and jotted down some bullet points—

  • A container // shelter for inspiration, interests and creations or other materials that hold interest.
  • A structure to deposit works of the past, present, and future.
  • A place affording refuge or lodging; a home which fosters rapid growth or development, especially of something desired.

Yes, I know—super vague. But isn't that the fun?

I am so looking forward to filling in the blanks like a living Mad Lib, so please feel free to share this monster with your friends, family, coworkers and lovers!