Red Hook

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Let's get this blogger started! 

To celebrate the launch of my brand spankin' new blog, I wanted to make this extra special and start with a toast!  So everyone grab a glass, raise it, and away we go! 

By far, my favorite fall time drink is a handsome devil that goes by the name, Red Hook.  Some say it's the hipster cousin of the Manhattan but I don't judge, I just drink. What makes this drink special is its simplicity, it warms the belly as any Manhattan should but it is dripping with cherry goodness. (^.^)


  • 2 oz. Rye Whisky (My favorite for this is George Dickel Rye)
  • 1/2 oz. Sweet Vermouth ( Something like Cocchi di Torino)
  • 4 drops Aromatic Bitters
  • Jarred Maraschino Cherries 
  • Ice


  • Glass
  • Bar spoon
  • Jigger

Combine all the fixins' in a glass and stir away! Once it's nice and icy, top your magical cocktail with a cherry or two and enjoy.  It's honestly so delicious and will change your fall drink pallet.  Hope it makes your studio life--- hell, your entire life that much more cosy and enjoyable! 


So cheers my lovelies and lets clink glasses and begin this bloggin' ride together!!