Not Your Mama's Polaroid


Wow. Wow. Wow. Let me just say that I am very excited to review the Lomo'Instant Camera!

Being a lover of all things retro, when I saw this Kickstarter campaign by Lomography back in May I immediately jumped on the opportunity and supported the project. This launch honestly couldn't have come at a better time, since I was already in the market for a new Polaroid. I pushed that fund button without any hesitation and snatched one of these babies up for myself!


Flash forward a few months—my package has arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled, so let's jump right in!

During the Kickstarter event, I purchased this camera with all its gadgets and gizmos for a cool $99 USD. Mind you, this was a Kickstarter, so the pricing is a bit reduced for backers compared to the pre-order price of $149 USD (available on the LOMOGRAPHY website). Even at the higher retail price, this Polaroid is pretty comparable to the other options on the market, like the Fujifilm Instax, which doesn't come with filters or lens options and still hits around the $100 mark.  With that said, the package I chose came with the 3 lenses (Close up, Portrait, and Fish Eye), a neck strap, and 7 colored flash gels for added fun. Out of the 4 color editions (White, Black, Sanremo, and the Kickstarter Special Edition), I purchased the White Edition, because there is nothing I like more in life than high-contrast objects. (^.^)

This Polaroid not only has 3 shooting modes (Flash, Creative Flash, No flash), but it also has a mahoosive amount of different features such as unlimited exposures, easy focusing, and the colored flash gels, which you can use as overlay effects (think Instagram filters). The added bonus of having 3 alternative lenses also adds to the endless creative possibilities.


I have to admit, there is a slight learning curve, and you'll probably burn through a box or two of film before you get the hang of things—but Lomography has really thought things through and has included a small box of "setup cards". These setup cards walk you through the different camera settings to help you achieve some awesome stock shots. It's a great concept to get you off and running creating your own unique images. 


All in all, I'm very excited to master this camera to capture some nice vintage feels. What are some of your thoughts or questions? Would you buy this guy (maybe as a holiday gift, or just for yourself), or would you pass? I would love to know!!