5 Things: Sprucing Up the Nest

ETSY: Wooden Pen Holder ETSY: Flip Clock ETSY: Air Plant Holder IKEA: Alex Drawers IKEA: Ranarp Lamp

It's beginning to feel a lot like spring time and you know what that means, SPRING CLEANING! Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Not only because the arctic tundra that I live in called Chicago starts to defrost and the flowers begin to bloom, but I get to clean out my studio and bring in some fresh items! I get really antsy in my studio space and I want to breathe fresh air into it and spruce it up a bit. My current studio space is quite small, coming in at only 9' x 7'.  So I can only add so much furniture before I can't fit my little ol' self through the door. I do live by one golden rule, with every new item, an old one has to go. I either donate it or I push it into another room like the hoarder I am. :/ But anyways, here are 5 things I am coveting and can't wait to purchase!

1. Being a lover of pens and now pencils, I am always looking for a unique way to house my beloved tools. When I stumbled upon this wooden holder, I knew I had to add it to the list! I am a big fan of natural wood accents in any space and this is quite the functional eye catcher!

2. A while back, I bought one of these as a birthday gift for a friend and ever since then, I have been drooling over them. These are one of a kind flip clocks from one of my favorite ETSY shops - Colorbroken. The owner is super rad and only make a few of these every year. I hope you can tell I really love wood accents with a fun flair! 

3. One of my favorite ways of sprucing up any studio or office is by incorporating plants. I have to admit I do not have a green thumb and can't even keep succulents alive, but that doesn't stop me from obsessing over plants. Air plants are some of the easiest plants to grow since take in nutrience from the air and are basically self  watering.  When I came across this air plant holder, I nearly died. Just look at this geometric masterpiece! I bet you are swooning as well! 

4. I think everyone and their momma knows about the IKEA Alex drawers. They are a cheaper and lighter alternative to flat files. Yes, they can't fit a full size sheet of paper into them but I have no problem cutting my sheets into half sheets and there is more than enough space for other studio supplies to live in this unit!

5. You can never have too many lamps right! Working a 9-5 on the weekdays, I usually find myself drawing into the night which isn't too friendly to my already poor eyes. So just in time for the spring, I have my sights on this IKEA lamp which has an adjustable arm and head-- perfect for me to direct light on my drawings!


How are you sprucing up your studio or office space?