Trekell Brush Review

Trekall Brush Review

Expensive paint + Cheap ass brushes = Not a match made in heaven

I've been painting for the past few years now and have never drifted past the "student grade" section of the paint brush isle, but recently, it dawned on me, maybe upgrading isn't such a bad thing. I think every artist has a similar thought pop into their head no matter what medium they work in and it's -  "Is this really worth the money." So when I thought about killing off my old set of paint brushes to bring new ones into the fold, I did the best research anyone could do, I stalked the heck out of artists I love. This is by far the best method for a young artist to do. You find an artist(s) who works in the same medium as you, look at their work and see what materials they use. This is a sure fire way of testing out products without actually testing them. So I did just that, I went deep down the rabbit hole to find what brushes Glenn Aurther, Josh Keyes, and Kit King used. Low and behold they all had a brush brand in common - TREKELL.

Trekell is an established name in art, known for exacting standards, earned experience, and the virtuosic skill behind the design of every product. Trekell has grown from one man’s calling into a leading manufacturer of the highest quality supplies. Created with care and compassionately priced, Trekell’s wide selection of tools are made by artists for artists. So, when you explore Trekell’s catalog, know that you’ll be dealing with people who are as passionate about their craft as you are about yours.

Damn, doesn't that sound good, there is nothing better then a home grown company, supported by artists for artists in the USA. So I rummaged around the site and finally settled on the Golden Taklon Round 2000 series with a 6" Handle. I personally prefer a short handle for my small hands so 6 inches is perfect (this particular brush also comes in a 10" handle if you prefer.) 

Now onto the finer details, the Trekell Golden Taklon Round 2000 series comes in 10 different sizes (#10 #8, #6, #4, #2, #1, #0, #5/0 #10/0, #20/0) or you can buy the "Complete Round Golden Taklon Brush Set". This is the option I went for with a reduced price, (10% off) when purchasing the entire set. Taklon is a type of synthetic filament that is dyed and baked to make it softer and more absorbent. They are exceptionally easy to clean, which is a great choice for oil and acrylics because it withstands the caustic nature of solvents and acrylic paints better than animal hair for greater durability overall.

trekell golden taklon round
trekell golden taklon round dimensions
Product Description: When people think of a fine art brush, they typically picture a round brush. The iconic, rounded shape is versatile, offering a multitude of options, such as washes, fills, and lines of all sizes. The more pointed variety excels at fine lines and intricate details.

I have to say that I am enjoying these brushes so much! The taklon bristles are perfect for my vinyl illustration paint (think, if gouache and acrylic had a magnificent baby = illustration paint.) This paint is very thick and highly pigmented, therefore my brushes need to withstand the abuse and keep their shape. After a few months of terror from my painting, these babies do just that!  They are very high quality for their price point and give a nice and even stroke without any shedding or fraying. Each brush has a great point and snap for movement and detailed line work, and I am all about that life!

My favorites out of this set are the #4 - 20/0 brushes for fine details. The length of the bristles are just perfection with a nice weight to the brush itself. They are very easy to use for a multitude of purposes. They are simple to maintain and clean due to the taklon bristles. I honestly haven't gotten much use out of the #10 - #6 brushes since I tend to work on smaller pieces with tight details, but they are definitely high quality and when the day comes for me to whip them out, I know they will surpass my standards and perform beautifully.  

All in all, the hype is real my friends and I am so glad I took the leap and purchased these brushes. Gone are the days of aimlessly wondering up and down the brush aisle, and hello exclusive Trekell buyer. Seriously, thank the art supply gods! Just from purchasing these brushes, I can already tell that Trekell has quality supplies at reasonable prices. I love using my Trekell Brushes and would highly recommend them. So if you are ready to purge your brushes as well, take a look at Trekell.  I promise that you will not regret your purchase! 

You can watch the making of these beauties down below and check out their Youtube channel to see the different types of brushes and other supplies in action. 

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