Monthly Favorites: April 2015

April had come and gone, so that means one thing- APRIL FAVORITES YAY! 

1. CRIMINAL MINDS - Yes, I am one of those people who LOVE crime dramas. After watching the Jinx and binging-listening to Sword & Scale (Podcast) I needed to get a new fix, quick. So I went hard into my addiction and started watching Criminal Minds. I watched all 9 season over the course of the last few months and just finished it last month. The addiction is ferocious my friends!

2. COPIC CIAO MARKERS - YES! These are the BOMB.COM, seriously, they are incredible smooth and easy to work with. I don't know why it took me so long to purchase a few of them but now I have a huge stash!
P.S Be on the look out, I may or may not be working on a secret project using them (^.^)

3. FRESH CUT FLOWERS - I used to think that buying fresh cut flowers was a huge waste of money and I couldn't grasp the utility of having them in your home. But due to the un-spring like weather in Chicago, I had to go to drastic measures to have some sort of spring this year, so I hop scotched over to my local grocery store and picked up a bouquet. Now I have achieved full flower child status and cannot stop buying / eying any arrangement I find. There is just something so majestic about having fresh flowers in the house. It truly lifts my spirits and I just adore picking and arranging new bouquets every few weeks!

4. SOUNDCLOUD - Recently I have been really disappointed with "Mainstream" artist and find it a bit difficult to find more underground musicians, so I hopped back onto SOUNDCLOUD. It's a great way to find random artist and to listen to what they are digging. Yes, it's a bit time consuming jumping from artist to artist, but I've really enjoying making my short 5 song Studio Vibes Playlists, so if you're also in a music rut, check out my SOUNDCLOUD and let's be friends! 

5. VIETNAMESE ICED COFFEE - MMM MMM MMM, there is nothing I love more than warm(ish) weather and Vietnamese Iced Coffee. I grew up on this drink and as my mother says, it stunted my growth, but I wouldn't change a thing. If I could have an IV drip of this stuff all day every day, I would! 


Please let me know what was your favorite movie / TV show last month!