5 Things : Studio Vibes 03

Studio Vibes

It's been about a hot minute since my last Studio Vibes write up, but rest assured Nesters, if my sporadic music updates are making you antsy for more, check out my Soundcloud, I have more playlists backlogged there and we can also become music buddies - YAY!

01. VÉRITÉ  - Colors
So many feels for this track! Vérité is one explosive songstress. This song bounces you into a stratosphere filled with synths and charged drums, it strikes you hard in the heart and keeps you beating. It a song that goes up and down your spine and puts you in a trance. I hope I am painting an accurate picture with all the "colors" she is throwing down, because I just adore this song and I hope it hooks you in as well.

02. Savoy & Sound Remedy - Leaving You (Feat. Jojee)
Yes, I am so into the haunting female vocalists, can you tell? I can't quite put my finger on why I love this song so much, I just do. It's just down right beautiful. Although the subject matter is quite heavy; speaking to the difficulty that occurs when you end a meaningful relationship, this song represents the ghost that remains afterwards that won't let you go.  

03. Televisor - Deya
Televisor has done it again, he recently released his new Venture EP and this is the stand out track for me. It is thoughtful, progressive and honestly the vocals are just damn catchy in this chill track. I know Disco is dead (as it should be) but Deya is a superb updated take on disco with so much more flare.

04. Draper - Inertia (Feat. Patrick Baker)
I am a bit of a dork, okay, I big dork. When I read the title of this song, I knew I was going to dig it, Not only is Draper one of my favorite producers, but who can go wrong with science. The beat of this song has such a righteous groove and it makes you just want to dance and let me tell you about those synths. Whenever I listen to music, the synth sounds are usually the first things I pay attention to, and let me tell you, the synths here are spot on!

05. LVTHER - One Look (Feat. Mammals)
One of my favorite discoveries in the last few month has to be LVTHER, although he hasn't released any other track other then One Look, if this is any indication of what is to come, I am very excited. One Look is a funky and blissful, is the epitome of the "indie dance / nu disco" genre. I honestly can't love this track more and as the lyrics say "No reason or a doubt that I'm amazed"