Tattoo Inspiration 01

01. Being a lover of the arts I adore body art.  In 2013 I got my first tattoo from my friend Jeff Gemma at Secret Society Tattoo outside of Boston.  It was nothing big, just a cheeky Galactic Empire emblem from Star Wars on my left wrist while my partner got the Rebel Alliance on his. It was a fun way to mark where we were in our relationship without getting a "kiss of death couples tattoo".  Also who the hell doesn't love or appreciate Star Wars, I know we do!

02. Then in 2014 I got a slightly bigger and more meaningful text based tattoo. It's a verse from Proverbs 9:6 -- Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding across my right forearm from Deluxe Tattoo here in Chicago. To me, tattoo's are personal and mark significant & insignificant shifts in your life, they tell the magical story of how you lived. This tattoo marked that mind set to me. When I look down on it, it reminds me to live my life fruitfully and to not waste what little time I have on this planet.  It also helps me listen to my heart and to keep creating.

03. Which brings me to now, 2015. I am really enjoying the trend I've made with getting a new tattoo every year and thought I should start documenting and collecting these markers here on this blog.  I am a big lover of black & white tattoos and never intended on getting a colored piece, but this year, I'm feeling light, airy, and playful so I want a piece that will reflect that. I love the tradition of Botanical illustrations and spend a large majority of my time looking at classical flower illustrations, so I thought this is perfect! I don't know when this year I will get the piece, but I am excited to find a new tattoo artist and work up some concepts.

Below is a mood board of some botanical tattoos I'm feeling. Feel free to link some more ideas and tell me your thoughts!


Do you like tattoos or do you hate them?