5 Things: Studio Vibes 01


As you probably know, I am a little music obsessed.  I can't walk out of the house without headphones, drive down the block without music blaring, less alone be in my studio without sound seeping from it.  So I decided to put together a playlist of some songs I'm vibing on and create a mini series of 5 recommendations.

I'm always on the hunt for new songs & artists, so if you're into anything that's giving you the feels, please let me know below.

Hope you enjoy and follow me on Soundcloud!

// Liz

01. Froxic - Quasar
The first time I heard this song, I was walking around the house on my way to the studio and this song stopped me in my tracks. It's an interesting electronic journey starting in the house genre then leads you to some other heady place. I love listening to this song when I am sketching and deep in thought, It really helps to get the creative juices flowing and dare I might say -- perfection in a song.

02. KOVEN - Final Call
In the winter, my inner emo comes out and I'm not afraid to let it linger and take over for a bit.  If you're looking for something emotive and haunting, this track is just for you.  KOVEN never cease to transport me to another musical dimension and I honestly love the ride. They really do bring out the more musical side of a heavily computerized genre, not only with just their sound but also their lyrics. 

03. Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire
Who honestly doesn't love a fiery anthem in the cold winter months?!  This duo hails from "Zoo York" and is hot hot hot. They are a melting pot of everything I think is cool -- 70's soul, '90s hip-hop, psych rock, dub, reggae, and R&B. This tune is fresh and real and I can't get enough.

04. Flying Lotus - Coronusthe Terminator
When I was growing up, my Saturday nights were dedicated to watching Toonami (Adult Swim) and vibing on the cut music.  As I grew older I learned those hip tracks were mostly the tunes of the magical, mystical, O' so fly Flying Lotus.  From that moment on, I have been so down with the tracks he's laid and this is one is no exception.  So I hope you're ready for some soul-jazz vibes.

05. Logic - Under Pressure
If you are into the underground, up and coming Rap scene, you may know of this guy - Logic.  I have been a fan of his since he dropped Young Sinatra in 20000 and I eagerly awaited the Under Pressure album to be released.  The album in its entirety is Rap magic, but the title track is above and beyond.  I love Logic's contemporary yet old school style, which harkens back to rapping and dealing with your struggles and not about the copious amounts of money you have.  I hope you enjoy this homie because I am a die hard fan fo' life.


What are some of your favorite songs?