Don't Fear The Abyss


At the end of every year, I like to look back and reflect on things I have lost, learned, and accomplished. I always try to review the year with positivity, even if I had some pitfalls along the way. I firmly believe that if you can recall the highs and lows throughout the year, those moments will always help make the next year your bitch! I guess I'm just a glass half full kind of lady. (^.^)

Now the Rap Sheet //

  • Pieces Created - 20
  • Commissions - 6
  • Pieces I Threw into the "Bonfire" - 5
  • Average Drawing Size - 18" x 14"
  • Gallery exhibitions - 8
  • Nesters on Instagram : 8240 (6970+ From May)
  • Nesters on Facebook : 2048 
  • Life Changes: Launched NESTINGZONE.COM in November


Favorite Piece of 2014

Click to see full image

Click to see full image

2015 Resolutions

  • Get & stay organized in my studio
  • Start some smaller works in pencil
  • Find a balance between Black & White and Colored pieces
  • Spend more time drafting and sketching
  • Maintain my health and get back to nature
  • Get a Russian Blue Cat

2015 Nestingzone Resolutions

  • Stock the Nestingzone Store
  • Have the first of many Blog post collaborations w/ some badass Artists & Musicians
  • Interact with as many Nesters as possible (^.^)

And that's where I'm leaving it, coming out from a hell of a horrible 2014 into the abyss that is 2015. I honestly can't thank you enough for sticking around and cheering me on!  I know it's going to be a busy year for all of us, but let's be excited together and please share some of your 2015 resolutions below!